BRC is an LPG vapour injection Kit. It interfaces with the existing engine management system and modifies the gas flow to maintain closed loop operation and good power at wide open throttle. The system is fully programmable and needs no remapping or adjusting after initial set up. The biggest advantage over some of the rivals is that this system is FULLY SEQUENTIAL.


BRC is distributed under the IMPCO banner. Due to the superior nature of the system it is the only one that is capable of achieving the strict product quality that IMPCO insist on.


In trials conducted by us and our clients we have found the system is not only very economical, it is very trouble free and user friendly, it is also capable of flowing enough gas for the largest of engines under all conditions.


As far as maintainence is concerned, the system needs to have the in-line gas filters changed about every 30,000 km. The usual tuning and servicing schedules should also be adhered to as normal.