With our dyno (rolling road) and high tech scanning, emission testing and other diagnostic equipment, we can find and rectify any faults with the way your car is running.

If the check engine light comes on in your car, this means there’s a problem and you should get it in to us to find out what the fault is.

Sometimes it may only be a minor hiccup with the computer.
Other times, when the check engine light is on, it can be due to a more serious problem and the computer puts the car into limp mode which is enough for you to get the car in to get checked. When this happens, it will not be running at it’s optimum performance.

With our specialised equipment, we can diagnose and repair old school carburetted engines to late model fuel injected engines and of course, LPG (and CNG) powered engines.

Our high tech scanning equipment can find faults with components eg oxygen sensors (O2 sensors), air flow meters, coils, crank angle sensors, injectors, fuel pumps,

If you car’s check engine light is on or you notice it’s not running as it should and your fuel economy isn’t as good as it was – give us a call.