Converting your vehicle to LPG. How much will you save ?

Use our savings calculator to find out how much running your vehicle on petrol is costing you.Also find out how long it will take you to recover the cost of an LPG conversion. The calculator will indicate how much you will save running on LPG.

You use approximately 10-20% more LPG per litre than petrol depending on the efficiency ofthe LPG system. We have added 15% into the LPG usage figures.

Please note that you need to keep your newly converted vehicle for a reasonable amount of time to re-imburse your conversion costs.

Litres/100 KM is an average guide only. For a more accurate figure you will need to conduct your own fuel consumption trials

Petrol cost per litre

LPG cost per litre

Average Litres/100 KM

Annual Kilometres Driven

Cost of LPG conversion
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Annual Petrol Bill

Annual LPG Bill


Annual Savings

1st Year Savings

Savings Over 2 Years

Savings Over 3 Years