Muscle Classic Vintage Cars

Is your muscle classic vintage car your pride and joy? We want to keep it that way. We love old cars and we love to keep them in the very best condition.

Specialised Tuning

If your muscle classic vintage car is not running quite as well as it used to, we can give it some of our tender loving care to fully tune it to get the best economy and drivability.

We are experts in carburettor overhauling, balancing and specialised set up of most types of carburettors. With our rolling road dyno fine tuning is guaranteed – near enough is not good enough for us.

Contact us to get your pride and joy running at its best.


If you love your old school car but would like to make it more reliable and easier to drive, talk to us about brake upgrades, and electronic ignition system upgrades.

Even though you may not drive your car very often (except those fine Sunday afternoons), it still needs regular servicing, to keep it running well and avoid breakdowns.

Book now so you can drive you muscle classic vintage car all year round.