LPG is a cheaper and greener, alternative for your car. Using clean burning, cheaper (than petrol) LPG helps both your wallet and the environment.

Most vehicles can be converted to run on LPG. Call us now to see if your car can be converted. Emissions are generally lower on LPG than petrol and diesel.

Being the New Zealand agent for Impco, we convert older carburetted vehicles and early fuel injected vehicles with this well respected, time proven, reliable American LPG system. These conversions can be dedicated or dual fuel depending on your intended use.

Because this IMPCO system is so reliable, our motto is “SET IT AND FORGET IT”. What more can you ask for. It doesn’t need constant adjusting like some of the other older systems.

Off road vehicles work well with LPG because there is no flooding as there is with petrol carburettors when the vehicle is on steep inclines.

Later model vehicles (around 2000 onwards) are usually converted with our BRC sequential vapour injection system. This system is a dual fuel system which starts on petrol every time. With the switch on LPG, it starts on petrol and when it reaches the correct parameters, it changes over to LPG. When it runs out of LPG, it switches back to petrol automatically. It is literally the flick of switch to swap between petrol and LPG – SIMPLE and EASY TO OPERATE.

Get a Rockgas card to buy your LPG and pay a much lower litre rate than the pump price. You may also be entitled to a 12 month interest-free loan through Rockgas. Call us to find out more.

Not only is LPG cheaper to run than petrol, it’s environmentally friendly – cleaner and greener.

When you drive an LPG powered vehicle you can feel good about the fact that you’re not only saving yourself a great deal of money, you are also contributing to saving the environment.

Fewer greenhouse gases and other pollutants are emitted from an LPG powered engine than similar petrol powered engines.

LPG powered vehicles operate even more relatively cleanly when the engine is cold. Given that most urban-use vehicles are often used for very short journeys this means a significant reduction in “real world” emissions.

Studies show that LPG produces about one third less CO2 emssions and hydrocarbons, two thirds less Nitrogen Oxide pollutants and less than half Carbon Monoxide and particulates than petrol.

LPG is also much cleaner than diesel. The dirty black smoke that we see coming from diesel vehicles is particulates – a known cause of sickness and deaths. By choosing an LPG powered engine, rather than a diesel, over 90 percent of this particulate matter would be eliminated. CO2 emissions, Carbon Monoxide, Hydrocarbons are all greatly reduced as well.

LPG is also much cleaner during the refuelling process. When refuelling with petrol or diesel, chemical vapours escape into the atmosphere and can also be breathed in during the entire refuelling process. LPG refuelling is a sealed process.

As CNG is no longer readily available to the public in New Zealand, we can often convert your CNG powered car, truck or forklift to run on LPG.

If you need your LPG powered generator, floor sweepe, forklift, truck, van, car repaired and serviced – call us now.