Regular Servicing that keeps those nasty repair bills away

Maintaining your vehicle and replacing worn parts BEFORE they wear out is much more cost effective than having to pay for hefty breakdown repairs.

We recommend that you have your vehicle serviced every 10,000kms or twelve months (whichever occurs first).
Some manufacturers recommend servicing every 15,000 – 20,000kms. Bear in mind these recommendations are based on overseas conditions – not those in New Zealand. We have very high humidity here which means the oil deteriorates faster. And that’s why a 10,000km service is under these type of conditions.

It’s a full service – not just an oil change.

When we service your vehicle, we don’t simply change your oil and filter (that’s not really a service at all – it’s just an oil change). We check all the other components that keep your vehicle on the road. So don’t be fooled by cheap oil and filter changes being quoted as services. There’s so much more.

And that’s why our service includes:

  • Oil and filter change using top quality Castrol oil and Fram filters;
  • Door/boot/bonnet hinges and locks lubricated;
  • Battery condition (alternator charge rate and battery load test).

Inspection of:

  • under bonnet fluid levels
  • greasing of steering, suspension and driveline where applicable
  • lights (front, rear and interior)
  • drive belt(s) condition
  • spark plugs and air filter
  • wiper blades
  • suspension/shocks
  • steering components
  • hoses (brake, power steering, cooling system/radiator/heater)

With our specialised equipment, we also check the condition of the fluids and whether they have deteriorated and need replacing (including radiator/antifreeze, power steering, windscreen washer, transmission/gearbox, differential, brake/clutch fluid)

We remove all wheels and check:

  • brake pads, disc rotors, drums, shoes and cylinders
  • handbrake adjustment
  • tyres (for pressure, condition and tread wear)
  • Nitrofill

and, of course, we check for driveability issues on a road test.

We carry out all recommend servicing requirements as specified by the manufacturer including

  • fuel filters
  • transmission service
  • cambelt replacement

so you can be safe in the knowledge that no matter whether your car is brand new or an old classic it will be treated to the best possible care.

All our servicing and repairs are carried out to the highest standard using quality products including Castrol Oil and Fram filters.

Contact us to get your car in for some TLC.